Thursday, October 4, 2012


It's funny how the art in the book changed during the course of the summer. 
Firstly, I was finding my layouts a bit too "storyboardy" so I picked up:

This book really was a game changer to the overall look of the book! I've known about this book since I was a kid, but it was hard to find back then. You can get it online basically everywhere now! The only other book about making comics that I had was "How to Draw Comics The Marvel Way" which I got many many years ago.

Second, I had a bit of a detour job that took me away from Gettysburg and into Kirbyville! So I read up on Marvel Masterworks FF vol.1 and X-Men Vol.1. It's neat to see the beginning of Kirby's Silver Age and how it develops into the "Kirby" style a short while later.

Lastly, it was time to bone up on some Wally Wood. (There's a bad pun in there somewhere.)
And yes, you will see the odd '22 panel in Gettysburg!  I also picked up "Strange Worlds" which is his older stuff with a few EC pages tossed in, as well as a few pages of coloured Kirby/Wood Sky Masters at the end. Again, fascinating to see how great artists develop over time. And I'm really looking forward to Fantagraphics' "Came The Dawn". But what any Wood fan would really want would be the amazing IDW Artist Edition! But then again, who wouldn't want ANY of those Artist Editions!?!

The approach of the book has been a more illustrative "realistic" style, but while still acknowledging this is a comic book. Hopefully any gross inconsistencies in artwork due to all these converging influences can be corrected before/during inking! 

Also, I watched...