Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Status: Not stressed at all

Working on some motion video and editing for a client in the UK which has taken up most of my time. When they want more videos, it means they like what you're doing!

The art for Martian Comics #15 is coming along, the video work has severely cramped the speed of this work, but I'm currently at page 20 of 26 and there's no immediate deadline, so that's cool. 

Company 666 is where it was last left, page 12. Unpaid vanity work has to take a backseat to the above!

Other potential comic and non-comic projects are floating around, hopefully they come through, because money keeps the roof over our heads! Hopefully 2017 works out better than last year, and not just in a celebrity deaths kinda way. It would be nice to have the money to pay off some debt and maybe make the trip to East Coast Comicon again (They have yet another fantastic lineup.) but I'm not betting on going to that this year.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mery Christmas and all that.

Totally unasked-for update:

"Company 666" has been on hiatus for a while (I have a nice blank page 13 ready to go) while I do some paid work, drawing/inking Martian Comics #15 and some video/after effects animation work I picked up. Gotsta pay those bills! 2016 was fairy lean as fa as work has been concerned, hopefully if the last month or so is an indication, things are picking up!

The Nexus Newspaper is also on a bit of a hiatus as Steve's son, Brandon, has been having medical problems and it's really eaten into their available monies. Feel free to visit their gofundme
page and help out! Or buy some stuff off Steve's website store! And if you loved Steve's work on Futurequest, make sure DC knows!

Live Long and Prosper, everybody, let's hope 2017 is better for everyone, not just because some
celebrities we all grew up admiring are dying making us sad.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Page 8, Sorry About The Wait

This page has been sitting around unfinished for a long while, so since I completed a 10 page story for Martian Lit this morning, I thought I'd polish it off and start thumbnailing (is that even a real word?) page 9.

Thursday, September 8, 2016


There will be an interview with me as part of the Nexus Newspaper team over at Tripwire later today! I'll edit to add the link later. In the meantime, the interviews for Steve and Mike are already up! Hey, you know, I think this is my first comics-related interview. Neato!

Check out the rest of the site too. Lots of great interviews and stories covering comics, film and more!


It's up!


Page 8 - NOT

I've been meaning to finish pencilling page 8 for "Company 666", but I've been otherwise busy looking for work. It'll appear eventually, (it's about 1/3 pencilled) I just have to prioritize my time at the moment! In the meantime I've got some lettering to do for Martian Lit. That should help the bills a little!