Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mery Christmas and all that.

Totally unasked-for update:

"Company 666" has been on hiatus for a while (I have a nice blank page 13 ready to go) while I do some paid work, drawing/inking Martian Comics #15 and some video/after effects animation work I picked up. Gotsta pay those bills! 2016 was fairy lean as fa as work has been concerned, hopefully if the last month or so is an indication, things are picking up!

The Nexus Newspaper is also on a bit of a hiatus as Steve's son, Brandon, has been having medical problems and it's really eaten into their available monies. Feel free to visit their gofundme
page and help out! Or buy some stuff off Steve's website store! And if you loved Steve's work on Futurequest, make sure DC knows!

Live Long and Prosper, everybody, let's hope 2017 is better for everyone, not just because some
celebrities we all grew up admiring are dying making us sad.

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