Thursday, May 16, 2013

My First Comicon

Ok, I went to my first con last weekend. It was a lot of fun. My thoughts are thus:
-A lot of people make a lot of body heat. -Walking anywhere is a chore but everyone is polite because they're happy to be there.
 -Sensory overload.
-A good 50% of the people are there to see their favorite stars, 25% are there to dress up, and the remainder are there for the comics and comics creators. There were no lineups to see anybody! -Shopping for deals is next to impossible for single issues. You just spin your wheels.
-Food is super expensive. My son was thirsty while waiting for us to get picked up... So he scarfed some little milks from the basket by the cafe.
-Everyone was very friendly and very cool.

 I picked up the following books:
The Dreamer, Last Day In Vietnam - Will Eisner
Marvel Visionaries: Steranko
Nick Fury, Agent of Shield: Scorpio - Steranko
The Eternals Vol 1, 2 - Kirby
Green Lantern/Green Arrow signed by Neal Adams
A signed Neal Adams print "Next..."

I would have liked some floppies but I couldn't decide which to buy.
Also saw some IDW Artist Editions beckoning me with their siren song... I also got my old slightly beat up Wolverine trade (The 80's one with the white cover) signed by Chris Claremont!

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