Thursday, October 3, 2013

Crazy Timez

Things have been pretty hectic around here and I haven't posted anything in quite some time!

Practicing painting in acrylics in watercolour and acrylics over the summer has  started paying dividends as I'm starting to get good at it (finally).

The Boston Comic Con was AMAZING. What a great comic-centric crowd. Very few celebrities, it was mostly about the comics as a comic-con should be. Spoke with Michael Golden again, he's become my favorite pro to talk to when going to these things. Barry Kitson is also a super nice guy, if you have the chance, go chat Barry up, he'll talk to you even while he's doing commissions! I got my old copy of Hellboy #1 signed by Mike Mignola, the only creator so far that I've been nervous around. I didn't have anything to get signed, so I got to sneak through the lineup to George Perez and shake his hand.

SUITZ is almost done. The first half is posted online in the guidelines secion of the ucreatecomics website. When the second half is done its probably going to get printed.

The new banner for our comic con booth will feature a grisly zombie version of the famous Uncle Sam painting saying, "We Want Your Brains!".  And yeah, I totally painted that! Turned out pretty good.

The website is up and running but there are glitches, snags and enterprising members who are determined to win competitions by being a little sneaky. Stuff happen on a daily basis, so it's still SNAFU for the time being but getting better. The site does say BETA up at the top for a reason, it's not a scam, folks. We are working hard to make this thing work for you. 

Speaking of work...