Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stretch run

Red Goddess #1 is finished, 42 pages plus a double page spread. I've coloured the first two (and a bit) pages so far and it's starting to look good. Hopefully I can distract away from some of my crappier panels with good colouring! Still only using a mouse to colour, the purchase of a Cintiq has been put aside for a Black Magic camera for our non-comic related film/video work, which is exciting.

I'm not sure what kind of release of the book will have. I've heard it will be free online a few pages at a time in greyscale, and the completed books will be available in full colour as a TPB. Things change all the time so don't hold me to that. It's not how I would do it, but what do I know? I'm just happy to be doing what I'm doing. Hopefully more work will come up after RG 2 and 3 are done.