Saturday, September 20, 2014

The road continueth...

A week or so ago, I finally finished colouring "Book 1" of The Red Goddess. Book 1 is in quotation makes as the three book script I've been given is apparently going to be split into four comics.
Initially, the release will be printed in greyscale from my full colours (which is also cheaper to print)
and later when the whole thing is done it will be collected into one full colour TPB. We're getting Diamond distribution through some fine folks in the US at Robot Paper, who publish Henchmen.

Layouts for "Book 2" are done-ish (revisions pending) and "Book 3" has started. Our esteemed author is furiously re-writing and adjusting things as we speak.

A few weeks ago, Mark Millar, author of Starlight (among others) offered a little contest for a variant cover to the last issue of said title, but took some flack by other creators for all the "free work" he would be getting from unpublished creators creating covers, all but one being paid or somesuch. The contest was shut down, but not before I had made my cover. 100% digital using Photoshop and the newly purchased Manga Studio, which for some reason has a completely different name when you buy the digital version. Clip Paint Something something. Works great though. Especially for inking.

And it got a little love from the creative team on the old twitter-bot, which was nice. Thanks, guys!