Thursday, February 12, 2015


Well, I've got lots of work ahead for Alexandra Forever. Inking book 3 and colouring 3 and 4. Just finished lettering book 2, with a few sound effects left to do in Illustrator. (I decided to try to do the dialogue right in Clip Studio Paint (Manga Studio EX) where the rest of the art is anyway. It's a little different but it works well. Custom onomatopoeia is still easier to do in Illustrator though. THOOM!

Because I was mostly pencilling the past month or so (and doing other things like editing, cg backdrops, etc.) I try and find some pencils online to ink for fun, as I find working on one thing for a while (pencilling) and then switching to another (inking) that it takes me a while to get the feel for it again.

Frank Miller -DKR (duh)

Mike Mignola - Baltimore
John Buscema - Namor
(You might recognize this one from
"How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way".)