Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Colouring finished!

The colouring is finished for "Alexandra Forever"! I can't say why it took me so long exactly, but I managed to speed up in the past few weeks by focusing on one page, but skipping around and doing panels on other pages. Also, I tried to keep from zooming in and putting details that only I can see because I'm zooming in! So keeping the coloured image at a certain size on my screen seemed to help. I tried not to zoom in too much farther than how it would look printed until I really had to.
It should be interesting to see the book all as one piece as the art and colours slowly change for the better as time in production passes.

Lettering has begun, 43 pages are left to go!

Not sure what's going on with the other book, finished up some fixes last week. They're super happy with the work, but I look at it and just think I can do better.

Now I just need more work. Broke as an old wheel on a rusty wagon.