Monday, June 20, 2016


So, like most other freelance artists, I'm kind of "just getting by" and sometimes barely that.
I've got a great gig with Steve Rude colouring Nexus, the odd job through the studio here in Ottawa, and the occasional comic work for people like Martian Lit (kickstarter videos, pencils, inks and even lettering.) here and there that help add up to pay things like the mortgage.

But I do need to get more work so I can not just "get by" but also start paying off that dreaded credit card. Nothing feels worse than buying food with a credit card for some reason.

I was thinking about starting a Patreon campaign. I could do art commissions, or music, or little videos, or whatever. I can do a lot of stuff, but I'm not really sure how that rewards thing works, so I'm still researching that. Kind of important, I suppose I should get on that.