Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Around the same time I was drawing all those other sketches I previously posted, I was practicing my watercolours. I love painting in watercolour. I just find it puts me in a very relaxing, "zen" frame of mind. However, I have no real idea what the heck I'm doing so in order to get something halfway decent, I have to go through a bunch of iterations of crap. So I do these little practice paintings, which are really small. Cap, for instance, is 4" x 5.5". Grace Kelly is about double that.

Chris Evans as Cap. I think this one was gouache. Which I always mispronounce as gauche.

Grace Kelly, Transparent watercolour.
I screwed up Grace's ear when painting, so I fixed it in Clip Studio Paint, which I find paints more naturalistically than Photoshop. I think I just was so happy with how the face turned out (after a couple abortive attempts) that I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing.