Sunday, October 5, 2014

Diamond Is Forever

So Diamond had an issue with a black and white sci-fi book, so there will be 4 full colour issues instead of greyscale ones, the only problem being print cost. I prefer this anyway, thanks Diamond!

Book three layouts are almost done. And by "book three" I mean going by the original three-script- format I was given. Which has subsequently been changed to 4 books. I'll use a diagram to explain, 'cus I'm like that.

The only issue I have with the four book format is finding the right place to break the narrative in between the books. Oh, and having to paint another cover, that's a time-eater right there. I guess the 3 interlocking cover thing I already did (posted somewhere below) is going to need a retrofit. Although last time I saw the cover for #1 it did not look like the one I made. Oh well. If anyone wants to see what they're supposed to look like, they can see them here. Hashtag, everyone knows how to use Photoshop.

If it seems like I have no idea what happens after the work is lettered and leaves my desk/computer you'd be right. If it seems like things outside of production are in constant flux, that would also be right. This could all change again, for all I know!