Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Title Change!

I was informed today that the title has to be changed as somone else out there now has a book/video game with the title we were going to use.

I suggested just using the name of the title character, "Alexandra". That seemed to go over well.. we'll see if the writer likes it as his first suggestion was "Incarnate". Which makes no sense to me and I've read the script. Not that the previous title did either, as the main character was never once referred to as the Red Goddess once in the whole story. I guess Alexandra is supposed to be Shiva, the Red Goddess incarnate. However, no mention of any of this ever takes place once in the script other than some characters calling Alexandra, "Goddess". Funny semi-related side-note, I was told after having finished the first book, that she was supposed to be (east) Indian. Uhh.. That would have been good to know 42 pages ago.

I'm finding the digital inking a 1/3rd of a page slower than traditional pen-and-ink, but I'm liking the results more. Although I'm re-drawing some panels on the fly directly in-program, which takes time, ultimately I'm making the final product look much (1/3?) better.

Current status:
Pencils done for "Book 3": 3
Inks done for "Book 2": 17