Monday, December 8, 2014

Fake Interviews. Fauxterviews?

We're shooting some "interviews" with the lead character of "Alexandra Forever" (Yes, that's the official new title. And no, Joel Schumacher will not be involved,) so I had to build a CG set in Lightwave of the Temple that appears in the comic.

Still working on the stained glass window effect. The interviewer will be composited into the set and Alexandra will be... uhh.. I have no idea. I get the feeling I will Flash animate her  based on the art in the comic or something.

The time taken to build that set and the set (I started using my old emac which took forever to render anything, so I upgraded to the Lightwave 2015 free trial for my newer much faster Mac.) for some webshow we're shooting has taken a hit on the inking of the comic, but I'm currently finishing off the last panel of the last page (33) of book 2. Pencils for book 3 haven't changed. (Also, I have to buy more paper.)