Monday, September 28, 2015

Chug Chug Chugging along

Been busy. Colouring book three had slowed to a grind since I caught up to the inked pages, and now I have to ink, flat and colour as I go. Wheeeee! Currently on page 26. Only... err.. 18 to go..??

Also, I'm working in my spare time penciling and inking a comic for Martian Lit, whom I produced a kickstarter video for a few months ago. I've up to about page 29 of 42, things would be going faster, but you know. Kids. Sleep. Etc. Not sure if I'm allowed to post anything yet, we'll see. I've altered my art style for this book somewhat, no feathering and whatnot, I'm trying to keep things with simple bold lines, and not necessarily as clean as I try to be. Also, since Alexandra is digital, I'm doing this one traditionally. It's a horror book set in hell and well out of my comfort zone in mature content but I thought of it as a challenge! I think I've said too much already...

Also, since James Bond is technically public domain in Canada (at least as far as I know, I'm sure there are people with bags of money trying to fix that as we speak.), I came up with a plot for a Canadian-centric Bond comic, which I may end up doing after the Martian Lit book. Could be fun! Or a complete disaster. Depending on how you view unplugged plot holes. I have a cover idea I'm working on so I'll post that later when its done.

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