Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Domain. Public Domain.

This was a first pass at exploring the idea of the past and the present being represented on the cover as the story jumps back and forth in time. The background is boring though, so I plan on eventually making it more exciting. Luckily, I built it all as layers so I can move things around or remove them without having to re-draw anything. So like, guys training on the left, Bond fighting on the right or something more interesting..

I'm going for a simple, bold line, dry brush approach with this one, it just feels right to do a story set mostly in 1950 to look that way for some reason. I blame Darwyn Cooke (Although Parker is set mostly in the 60's) I'm using Flemming's idea of Hoagie Carmichael as the visual template for Bond. (Except with lighter hair and the scar on the right cheek.)