Friday, February 12, 2016

Nexus Newspaper Strip

I hope everyone gives this a shot, its a really terrific idea and something unique for comics today!
You might have seen the Kickstarter last summer and now the papers are starting to roll out! So if you didn't get on board during the Kickstarter, be sure to visit the site now and support something cool! Also available on comixology, but the real deal is huge, and the subscription boxes are like Steve Rude/Nexus lootcrates!

I made the above graphic for fun and it's not approved by Rude Dude Productions. I'm just trying to help out! Also, I am colouring some of this project, so believe me, it's great stuff and you don't want to miss it!


Looks like my name starts up on page 5, although Les, the previous colourist did most of the heavy lifting on 5 by the time I came on board, same with page 6, but in order to make the changes wanted, I re-flatted and re-coloured a lot of that page, using what was done to work from.