Thursday, April 21, 2016

East Coast Comicon 2016!

Here's a link to the Alexandra Forever blog on the 2016 East Coast Comicon.

I didn't buy much stuff, but I got the oversized hardcover of MARCH as a gift, a giant box full of Nexus Newspapers and a couple prints from Steve and Jaynelle Rude also as a gift for being the colorist of the Nexus Newspaper.

Things I actually bought:

I saw this at a table last year and didn't pick it up and kicked myself ever since.
My brother and I both had copies as kids and one was destroyed (probably mine), the other lost (probably thrown out) when we moved to a new house in 1987. Going through it for the first time in over 20 years, I was taken aback by how much Gil Kane's artwork was seared into my brain. There were many, many panels that I totally remembered.

I LOVE treasury editions, so I couldn't pass up this Kirby/Lee Thor. They also had the other Thor Treasury, but I liked this one better, and it was priced pretty low. the "1" before the 9.99 possibly didn't print out on the price gun.

The only other thing I picked up was Captain America 253. I bought another Stern/Byrne Cap but gave it to my friend Don!

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